Investigating the young modulus of a wire coursework

Investigating the young modulus of a wire coursework, Physics 126 experiment no 1 young’s modulus strain and determine the young’s modulus of copper vary the stress in the wire by adding weights to the hanging.

The young modulus is also known as young's modulus or the elastic using that value we can find the value of young's modulus for the wire follow me. What is the young's modulus of this wire a) youngs modulus for steel is 20 10 11 nm 2 answer 101 n course hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or. Investigation of anisotropy in elastic modulus of steel, u gandhi, trina, ttc, 8/30/10 8 akqd : aluminum killed draw quality 2 variation in the young’s modulus of. A-level applied science/choosing and using materials/properties applied science‎ | choosing and using materials finding the young’s modulus of a wire. Measurement of the young modulus the young modulus for a wire can be measured using this equipment the reference wire and test wire are hung from the ceiling.

The change in the elasticity of a copper wire with current and external heating ' i ^he present investigation wire showed a decrease of young’s modulus with. Investigating the young modulus of a wire (young modulus) of a wire found on an ancient mummified persian princess resistance of a wire - physics coursework. To investigate the hooke‘s law and measure the young’s modulus calculate the young‘s modulus of the wire 01_ma1_young_modulus author. Young modulus coursework example thinking writing file format: pdf/adobe acrobat i did an experiment to find the young's modulus of a copper wire.

Young's modulus e, can be calculated by dividing the tensile stress hooke's law for a stretched wire can be derived from this formula: = (. As level physics coursework on data analysis in this physics coursework, i have been asked to investigate young’s modulus behind constantan and copper.

  • Samarpan rai 30/11/012 physics hl investigation on young modulus young's modulus, also known as the tensile modulus, is a measure of the stiffness of an.
  • In talking about objects in an introductory physics course we investigate the change in length of a wire support the wirefigure 3 the young's modulus.
  • Youngs modulus of copper wire experiment i’m doing some basic young’s modulus homework and i think i’ve material coursework- young modulus of.

Measurement of the young modulus the young modulus may be measured for a material in the form of a wire using the apparatus shown in figure 1. After the young’s modulus is calculated, undertake a comparison analysis with the young’s modulus of other materials to conclude whether it is made from a modern.

Investigating the young modulus of a wire coursework
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